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Misc Dirty Survey


Name:: Keith
Birthplace:: Salisbury, MD or the SHIT HOLE of the USA
Birthdate:: December 5, 1983
Current City of Residence:: Salisbury, Maryland
Family Members:: I Disowned them all
Sign: Sagittarius


Color:: Scarlet Red
Beverage:: A Pint of Blood, or Pepsi
Movie:: Crazy/Beautiful, i fucking love that movie
Musical:: Rocky Horror Picture Show
Board Game:: Life
Computer Game:: The Sims
Game to Roleplay:: Like in Bed? I love it when derek plays a firefighrt, lol
Animal:: Kittys i loves kittys
Sport:: Oral Sex, Hardcore fucking
Book:: Snow Garden by Christopher Rice
Sexual Position:: Missionary or Doggie
Sexual Pratice:: Giving and recieving head

A Day In The Life..

School:: Non im outta school
Typical Mood:: grouchy, and depressed, i'm bi-polar its aloud
Usually Found?:: smoking
Collects:: Cum Stains

Have You Ever

Been kissed:: yes
Done drugs:: yes
Eaten an entire box of Oreos: yes
Eaten sushi:: yes
Been on stage:: yes
Been in a car accident:: yes
Had Sex with a girl:: once or twice
Had Sex with a guy:: HELL YEAH i prefer it
Given Head:: yeap
Recieved Head:: not enough
Givin a Rim Job:: yeap
Recieved a Rim Job:: again not enough
Snow Balled:: you bet
Tasted your own sexual fluids:: yeap

This or That

Cold or Hot:: Cold
Blue or Red:: Red
Rain or Snow:: Rain
Wool or Cotton:: Cotton
Private or Public School:: Public
Chocolate or Plain Milk:: Chocolate
Celsius or Farenheit:: Farenheit
Spring or Fall:: Fall death makes the heart grow fonder
Science or History:: History
Math or English:: English
Fuck or be fucked:: Either
Give Head or Receive Head:: Give
Make Love or Fuck:: FUCK
Vanilla Sex or S&M:: S&M

"Love Life"

Do you like somebody?:: Yes
Do they know?:: I Hope so
Do you want them?:: Yes
Are they hot?:: yeah
Are you dating:: yes
Is he/ she good in bed:: he is but he needs to put our more
What is your fav part of them:: Dick and ass BABY!!!


Who do you e-mail the most?: No one really
Who do you IM the most?: Lenita
Who are you talking to now?:: Lenita and Alex
Are you currently in love?:: You bet
Is this survey lame?:: totally

In 24 hours have you...

...Showered?:: yeah
...Had a serious talk?:: yeah
...Hugged someone?:: yeap
...Gotten along with your parents?:: we dont talk
...Fought with a friend?:: nope
...Done something kind for someone?: don't i always?
...Masturbated?:: Twice
...Looked at porn?:: Yeah

Do You Like To...

Give hugs?:: yes
Give back rubs?:: yes
Take walks in the rain?:: yes
Cook?:: totally
Eat?:: depends.
Sleep?:: ya!


..Knows you the best?:: Melissa
..Have you known the longest?:: Lenita
..Do you know the most about?:: I dunno
..Do you consider your friend?:: everyone that i dont hate, you have to choose sides with me
..Is most likely to end up in jail?:: Me
..Can you go to with your problems?:: Melissa
..Do you want to get to know better?:: N/A
..Do you spend the most time with?:: Derek <3 <3

Have You...

..Been to a concert?:: yeah
..Loved someone so much it made you cry?:: sadly yes
..Cheated on a test?:: yeah
..Ever stalked someone?:: yeah
..Done something you regret?:: Absolutly No Regrets
..Been in an online relationship?:: Ew
..Had an Orgasim:: you better believe it
..EVer but a finger up your ass:: like and hour ago
..EVer but a finger up someone elses ass:: same as above
..Ever masturbated with stuffed animals?:: Sure its kinky

Random Questions

Single or Hooked?:: Hooked
What is your worst habit?:: smoking
Scariest moment?:: once living in a haunted house with Melissa
Do you swear too much?:: i think doing it alot is fine
How do you feel about homosexuality?:: i am one
Where are you right now?:: the floor
Are you sitting by anyone?:: Derek, but hes sleeping
What song are you listening to?:: Adult Swim
What is the last thing you said?:: goodnite i love you
What's on your mousepad?:: im on a laptop
What are the last four digits of your phone number?:: 9872
What was the last thing you ate?:: pizza and dereks cock
If you were a crayon, what color would you be?:: Rainbow Pride
How many buddies do you have on your list?:: 134
What's the weather like right now?:: rainy cold drizzly blah
What do you feel like doing?:: Jerking off
What is your favorite quote?:: aw nuts!
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